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Charity Brands Mission

We enable nonprofit organizations & corporations to increase reach & revenue by working together to inspire consumers and impact our society.

Innovation is paramount, which is why we think beyond traditional partnership models to create next level win-win strategies.

Business Development

- Corporate partnerships

- Media / Retail etc
- Sponsorship packaging

- Sponsorship sales

- Developing strategies

- Increasing client base

Creative Services

- Graphic design

- Copywriting
- Video & Television
- Web development
- Social Media

- Proposal development

- Marketing materials 

Consulting & Planning

- Marketing research 

- Strategic analysis 
- Technology insights 
- Concept development 
- Creative direction

- Analyzing industries      

Corporate Consulting

- Corporation effectiveness 
- Cause-related marketing
- Planning & execution 

- Determine KPI's

- Organize & manage

Meet Our Founder: Stephen Adler

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Mr. Adler is one of the world’s foremost authorities and resources on corporate social responsibility and cause-related marketing and branding. For over thirty years, he had led his company, Charity Brands Consulting, to capitalize on opportunities for non-profits and Fortune 500 companies to work together to achieve their mutual goals by motivating consumers and businesses to support collaborative programs, projects and promotions.

Mr. Adler started his career as a member of the Communications, Arts and Sciences faculty at Queens College and went on to establish a youth marketing firm, Inter-Collegiate Marketing, that launched the first ever youth credit card, “Don’t Leave School Without It”, for American Express. Inter-Collegiate Marketing also created success for IBM in its first national effort to sell computers in college bookstores nationwide. In addition, Mr. Adler created a global calling card sold at college campuses for AT&T.

Soon after Mr. Adler formed Charity Brands, his first two clients were the March of Dimes, where he created Walk America with the late Beverly Sills, and the 50th Anniversary sponsorship program. In addition, he launched with UNICEF the greeting card program "The First Cachet" for the USA with Peter Max and the Beatles Yellow Submarine. This became a flag stamp collectors program that was distributed globally. The agency was retained by large non-profit brands such as the American Heart Association, American Red Cross, and the American Cancer Society to develop corporate sponsorship initiatives. Working with these and other well-known non-profits, Mr. Adler has created corporate partnerships with many recognized brands including; Drive for the Cure with BMW to support breast cancer, QVC Super Saturday Broadcast Event to support ovarian cancer, and the launch of the American Heart Association’s Heart Check program which has appeared on over 60 billion products. Mr. Adler has also launched consumer-based programs for over 200 companies including 30 of the Fortune 50 such as Nestle, Citigroup, P&G, Campbell’s, Pfizer, and PepsiCo.

In 2006 Mr. Adler released “Cause for Concern: Results-Oriented Cause Marketing,” an insightful look at the growth of cause-related marketing and other collaborations between the corporate and non-profit worlds that help improve images and bottom lines. His book since 2008 has been distributed on tape and in print in over 50 countries.

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