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We are your social responsibility consultants.

We specialize in enabling corporations and non-profits to increase reach and revenue by working together to inspire consumers and impact society. 

Execution of Cause Marketing Programs

Access to Corporate Funding

Sustainable Partnerships

We are

cause-related marketing.

Over 100 billion corporate-generated nonprofit consumer impressions created, and over $12 billion raised under Charity Brands' nonprofit partnerships.

Unique cause-marketing programs

Unrestricted corporate foundation grants

Sustainable relationship development expertise 

Digital marketing expertise 

Public sector advisory experience

Branding development

We work for you

and with you.



Charity Brands establishes, manages and enhances the philanthropic side to any corporation through funds, gifts-in-kind, checks, cause marketing or co-branded NFTs. 



Through new initiatives, legacy fundamentals and years of relationships, Charity Brands will utilize roundtables, giving funds, celeb funds, gift cards, and more  to increase reach and unrestricted revenue.



Charity Brands has partnerships with innovative tech that allows us to build innovative solutions. The digital and social age has changed how we interact. Charity Brands is changing the way we give.



GOAL: Overcome a ten-year history of annual low-fee commitments, few benefits, and an unhappy membership. 

CONCEPT: Develop branding to support establishment of a world-class pharmaceutical roundtable with programs and benefits to command multiple-year commitments and significant revenue. 

RESULTS: Received $41 million commitments from 9 members in Year 1. The next 9 years the program produced $75-100 million per year and generated approximately $50 million in media visibility through members of advertising, PR & promotions. Click here to learn more.




GOAL: Establish integrated cause marketing programs for Pepsi bottlers globally which bring together their local community.

CONCEPT: Bottlers around the world were contacted to create cause marketing campaigns. In addition, employees, customers, and communities joined together in universal programs that could combine the strength of PepsiCo around the world. 

RESULTS: Over $15 million given out in grants annually. The campaign components, including marketing handbooks and toolboxes, have played a part in what today is known as Pepsi Refresh. 


Electronic Diagnostics with Xprize Foundation

GOAL: Overcome a trademark issue expressed by Qualcomm by bringing a combination of relationship-building and creativity.

CONCEPT: Create a prize competition to create a portable, palm-sized wireless device that monitors and diagnoses health conditions to allow unprecedented access to person- al health metrics and give individuals far greater choices in when, where, and how they receive care. 

RESULTS: $25 million in funding from Qualcomm and Nokia Launched at Consumer Electronics show to live audience of 300,000 300 teams competing worldwide - each spending $6 million on average ($1.8 Billion) 10 billion media impressions to date.






GOAL:  2/3 of children living in poverty have no books at home. 80% of preschool and after-school programs serving low-income populations have no age-appropriate books for their children. 

CONCEPT: Create dialogue between Reading Is Fundamental and McDonald’s to find a mutually beneficial way to integrate RIF’s expertise, content and distribution with the Happy Meal Book Initiative. 

RESULTS:  Created the Happy Meal Books program, toys were replaced with books in McDonald’s happy meals for one month, 20 million books distributed to children through Happy Meals. McDonalds donated 100,000 books to children in poverty across the United States




GOAL: Convince QVC that the OCRF could deliver designer participation & work alongside OCRF to secure commitments from designers to participate in the telecast .

CONCEPT: Transform the famous and successful designer garage sale “Super Saturday” from a local Hamptons fundraiser into a national viewer shopping “telethon” hosted by Kim Kardashian and Kelly Rippa.

RESULTS: 2012 was the fifth year for Super Saturday Live raising approximately $15 million per year, with participation from leading designers including Peter Thomas Roth, Amrita Singh, B. Makowsky, Laura Geller, Perfect Formula, and many others. 

The Product 



GOAL: Working with The Global Fund, create a global  communications campaign to raise consumer awareness of the significant progress being made in the fight against AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis.

CONCEPT: “Hope Spreads Faster Than AIDS” was the initial concept designed to generate significant income to The Global Fund and provide a platform for partners to communicate their own contributions in the fight.

RESULTS: Over $500 million raised since inception. Billions of media impressions. We were involved in the creation & strategies for the campaign with proceeds going to The Global Fund campaign against AIDS.

GOAL: Find an appropriate cause with reliable manpower to transport cars from event to event. 

CONCEPT: Field two 16-car demo caravans to visit dealerships for test drive events. Donate $1 per test drive mile to support a women’s health cause. 

RESULTS: Since 1997, the program has generated more than $25 million and created billions of media impressions. Click here to learn more. 




GOAL:  Manage Prizeo’s nonprofit relationships and increase charity usage of the platform. Predicting measurable and + practical results to motivate nonprofits to participate. 

CONCEPT: Campaigns continue to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for a diverse group of nonprofit organizations. Fundraising platform enables influential figures to mobilize their fan bases and the general public to raise maximum amounts of money and awareness for causes that are close to their hearts.

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